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Publish your music to every major music platform across the world and build your profile, earn royalties, create history.
Promote your artist profile and music catalogue to a new audience and grow your 
follower and listener base.

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In this section we explore the process and merits of publishing your music to major global music platforms. It can seem like a daunting process since you need identity, brand, a good music product of publishing standard and an ability to grow an audience once live, but it is certainly something that is very powerful and transformative to all musicians and producers careers.

Check out our key information below and then our additional pages on 'Publishing' and 'Promoting' in order to be ready to start building your global audience.

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Why Publish?






A Global Audience Is Now Easily Accessible


Which Platforms Will Feature Your Music?

How Many Countries Will Your Music Reach?

What Are You Waiting For?

In this section of the website we will help you understand how to Publish and Promote (see Menu),

A Note About Copyright

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