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Vocal Processing

Capturing, Importing & Cleaning Up Vocals
Harmonising - FX

Harnessing The Power of Vocals

Vocals are hugely important since they produce an effect within our sensations that are unparalleled by any other instrument. A lot of musicians are good but if they aren't a singer of the same standard then they often shy away from vocals. But that does not and should not have to be the case. Nowadays it is relatively easy to capture good vocals, buy and manipulate other vocals and process them to your heart content until they sound exactly like you want them to.

We look at some of the key products and services out there today that can help you discover how to produce phenomenal vocals for your tracks.

Capturing, Importing & Cleaning Up Vocals


using a mic etc
see our acoustic and mic products listed here

Its now normal to buy them ready made or to order them - see our article on which services are the best

Cleaning Up Vocals

let the many methods and links on how to
but check out are best plug ins for cleaning up vocals here:

Harmonize & FX

Now you have a vocal you can expand it with some cool harmonic and rythmic fx as well as other cool gadgets.

Our most favoured Vocal Harmonisers and FX are here:

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