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Welcome to The #1 Studio Music Resource

Created by Composers, Performers, Engineers & Producers to help you build, maintain & improve your Studio, improve your techniques & abilities to CreateProduce and Publish the best quality music, whether you are a musician and/or a Producer.

In order to do this, we have reviewed 100,000+ software and hardware products across 2,000+ brands so that we can present to you what we believe are the best options out there for all types of budget. In addition to our deep database of knowledge, we constantly monitor the market for new product releases and product updates, in order to review features, functionality, quality, compatibility, bugs to watch out for and whether or not our readers need to know about it.

We aim to help you tap into your creative depths and create new music, find your originality and avoid sounding the same as everything out there. Our belief is that creativity has no limitations except those imposed on yourself, so we aim to broaden your knowledge of the music composition, performance and production process and to understand what tools are out there to assist every step of the way.

With as your 'go-to resource' for everything music production related, you will save thousands of hours by not having to trawl through long (advertising-driven) YouTube videos. You will be able to make better hardware and software decisions quickly, saving you time and money and aligning your focus on music techniques with studio production techniques.

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If creating your own professional music recording setup or trying to lift your setup to a professional output standard feels like a daunting task, then you have come to the right place.

The Studio page will give you an overview of the key considerations to ponder, and the key decisions to take before you start your new studio project.

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We have dedicated pages to guide you through the key studio elements of Acoustics, Computing/Data Storage, Choosing the right DAW, your Audio/Midi Interface, Keys & Synths, Monitoring whether through headphones or Monitors, Control Surfaces whether you choose virtual or physical, Microphones and all the key Accessories in the market place today that may give you that extra edge.
We aim to demystify the entire studio process, from understanding to build, to configuration, usage and professional grade mixing and mastering. In presenting our key information we make sure you fully understand the key components of a studio, what is essential and what are additional options.
Our advice will help you understand what options best suit your needs whether you are approaching it from more a musician angle without technical studio experience or more a Producer angle with stronger technical skills rather than proficient musical skills necessarily.

Overall, to make smart decisions in building, maintaining or upgrading your studio you need to know the basics, the structure, how things connect, what is essential and therefore what software and hardware is out there to help you achieve that. 



In this section of our website we guide you through some key principles of the creative process and present some of todays ground-breaking tools that can help you along the way.

Whether its plug-ins to bring movement to static chord progressions or finding a virtual instrument that can add a modern sound to your track, we have it all covered.

Our aim is to help you improve your creative process, expand your creative potential and to bring your output to a whole other level, but without you having to trawl through endless YouTube videos and wasting money.

We are composers/performers/engineers and we know what you need. We have reviewed over 100,000 software and hardware products and help you get your setup to where it needs to be, which is ready to help you achieve what you want to achieve creatively.


Getting your musical ideas and performances in the can is one thing but in order to completely transform your work to a world-class releasable track requires some production skill.

Luckily there are many tools and techniques available today to enable you to do just that.

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The Produce section of our site will take you through everything you need to know, from a logical process of applying EQ, FX, Vocal Processing right the way through to the tried and tested discipline for getting that final edit locked off.

The final mix needs to be the best it can be and the Mastering process that follows needs to be top notch if you are going to release your music.
 What you create is only half the battle and so, apart from some organic genres, most music needs a lot of treatment to attract and retain a listeners interest. Listeners nowadays are used to hearing the impossible happen on every track and sonic perfection is somewhat taken for granted, so your tracks need to achieve this as a matter of course.

We will help you take your creations to the next level by introducing methodologies and workflows, but also in presenting the best tools available in the market today that save you time, transform your sonic quality and ensure your tracks are worthy of release to a global audience.

All of this is presented in such a way that if you are a musician producing for the first time, you will understand quickly a Producer's approach which will enhance your musical approach. Likewise, if like many in the music industry you are approaching production more as a Producer, relying less on core Musical ability, we will help you understand the musicians approach and thus more musical possibilities, whether it is through knowledge or tools of the trade. 

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How do you get your music on all the major platforms around the world and how do you get listeners, downloads, plays and ultimately earn royalties?

Which distributor should you use? How do you track your royalties?
 What about sound quality and noise levels for the various platforms?

There are some complex questions regarding copyright ownership, music distribution and royalty collection but we dive into them all and demystify the process.

Overall, it is a fairly simple process at the end of the day but depending on your aims for your music portfolio, choosing the right way to go from the beginning is essential. We've got it all worked out - see our Publish section for all the answers. 


In this section you can find out more About Us, how to Contact Us, about our Additional Services from Custom Studio Design, Composition Service, through to Music Business Consultancy and Internationalisation.

Be sure to check out our free Resources page which will help you in all areas of your music production and publication process.

Our Learning section is for everything from playing an instrument, using a DAW, Editing, Mastering and beyond. Its a great resource and is constantly updated.

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No YouTube - Just essential information - fast!

Hey! We love YouTube as much as the next guy - we will even recommend
some of the best videos out there in order to learn about a particular subject. We do not make YouTube videos for any of our product reviews.
 It is our feeling that when you are in music production, you can't afford to watch hours and hours of footage to get one quick answer, especially when the opinions may be biased, focused on entertaining, keeping you hooked, to push an affiliate link, subscribing etc.

So our aim is to ask ourselves the big questions, and use our experience to deliver you the answers through our straight-talking content, fast, without making you watch hours and hours of YouTube videos. It's all here, succinct and convenient. Our preferred method of communication is to just cut everything down to the facts - a quick read, an easy link straight to the right product and off you go!


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