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There's more to us than meets the eye....

In this section you can discover more about us, our other services, how to get in touch and uncover a wealth of additional free resources.

About Us
As a group of music industry professionals we are proud of our history and experience so why not read a bit more about our background here.

Additional Services
Whilst the production of this website is a significant collaborative effort, we also collaborate on various other services that you may be interested in, including but not limited to Studio build Consultancy, Composition & Music Production Service, Music Business Strategy, Product Marketing Consultancy and Internationalisation. There's a bit more info in the Addt'l Services tab.

Contact Us
We'd love to hear from you so here's how.... 

Coming Soon To This Section.....

We are currently building out this section in order to present what we consider as some of the best online resources for expanding your knowledge and abilities in order to produce world-class music.It doesn't matter what level you are at anything there is always more to learn. The day you stop learning is the day you stagnate.It's our recommendation that you are/become proficient at playing and writing music as it will make you very efficient and increase your creative options. Check Back Soon!

We are busy compiling a useful resource section that can help you navigate the world of Music Copyright and Sync Licensing as well as to be creative with Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website build, Image Sourcing and more. Be sure to check back soon or subscribe with your email address below.


Industry News (Coming Soon)
We are constantly monitoring the industry in relation to music industry legislation, copyright, royalties and internationalisation. In addition, we are also keeping our eye on hardware and software producers for any important news regarding their structure, ownership, policies and plans.Overall, anything we feel could be of interest to a music industry professional like you, a Musician and/or Producer we will reproduce, link or summarise on this page. So be sure to check back regularly for the latest news or subscribe to our email newsletter which will provide headlines on a monthly basis.

Legal & Compliance
Every website has to have a boring bit, well this is ours! Joking aside, here you can learn about the Terms & Conditions of using our website as well as our Privacy Policy which includes details on how we use Cookies, not just in the the room, but across our website too.

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