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"If you had a sign above every studio door saying, 'This Studio is a Musical Instrument,' it would make such a different approach to recording."Brian Eno

Before You Start...
There are many important things to consider when setting up or overhauling your studio and of course, we break down all of those in this section. But even before you start getting into studio build and configuration you have to give 'essential consideration' to some key aspects: the studio purpose, type of music you will make and your chosen way of working.

'Essential Consideration' is key to getting the studio setup right from the start and making sure it suits your needs in the short, medium and long-term. If you consider and resolve these key aspects right, in advance, together with our advice you will understand really clearly how to set up the studio and can start diving into what gear you need, but the 'essential consideraion' will guide the approach you will take. 

Key Studio Components

The key budget areas to consider, in order of importance, featured in this section, are as follows:

The Right Space/Acoustics -  Computing/Data Storage - DAW - Interfaces - Keys & Synths
Monitoring (Monitors & Headphones) - Control Surfaces Microphones - Accessories

- The Right Space/Acoustics
- Computing/Data Storage
- Interface
- Keys & Synths
- Monitoring (Monitors & Headphones)
- Control Surfaces 
- Microphones
- Accessories


Other Considerations -



This is something we focus on in our studios and it is one of our strongest recommendations for you.


Split your work areas into sound design, performance, editing etc


In terms of ergonomics, it is important to make sure you can access the gear you use frequently, for example a midi keyboard on a moveable draw in front of a computer screen, or sideways on is ideal. there is no point setting your system up with a control surface in front of you if edit, mix and master is the smallest part of your work, conversely, if thats more your bag then go for that set up instead. Getting the ergonomics right will ensure you feel comfortable creatively and most importantly, can be consistently productive once you sit down ready to work.


There is some wonderful furniture and accessories out there that can really improve your situation and we would recommend taking a look at some of them in our Accessories page.

Other Considerations - we could set out instruments, virtual instruments, FX, Synths, Processing, Vocal Processing etc but these are all things you are going to acquire on the way and most don't require a capital outlay on par with the key elements above. Our Create section sets out all the great things you can add to use in the studio so yes sure to check those out.



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