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Sound Design

The mark of a true Studio Professional Is The Ability To Create & Transform their own sound palette, continually evolving & continually providing new creative angles.

An Essential Key To Originality

If You Don't Improve Your Approach and Skillset In Design You will spend a fortune, have limited creativity and originality.

Sound Design Tools
There are a number of tools and techniques you need in your arsenal for sound design. Here we look at what they all are and recommend some of our most favoured studio tools.

Its start with manipulating sound and there is nowhere more original 
for such a practise as synthesizers - this is about starting with a wave or a preset and manipulating through tried and tested techniques. List the key ones and links to some tuition videos.

Our favoured synths are all listed here (link to synth products)


One key way to achieve effective Sound Design is to create movement within a sound......

Our favourite Plug-ins for creating movement are listed below.

Sound Altering

Another great thing to do is use a number of plug ins to completely change a sound, from distortion to compressors and eq - see below

Other Methods


Best Synths For Sound Design

Plug Ins For Movement

Plug Ins For Altering Sound 

Sound Design Checklist

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