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DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

The DAW Explained

What To Consider Before Choosing
For example, choosing a cheap DAW (Digital Audio Workstation - usually the software you choose like Logic or ProTools) may save you money now and get you going quickly but once you dive in you will realise the limitations and complexity of the platform and may consider that another is more suitable. The problem here is that there is a lot of time spent learning to use a platform and to hone your techniques, so switching to a new platform can mean just dumping all that time you have spent learning, straight into the bin! So it is better to choose the right platform to start with but you can only do so if you decide what type of studio you are building.

DAW - there are many options available today and they are generally on quite contrasting budgets. Some are a one-off fee up front and some have recurring billing cycles in order to get support, so you have to factor this in. See our DAW guide in order to understand what options are available but remember, this is an essential component of the studio.

Which DAW To Choose

We are not analysing every single one of them here and will offend some but we are going to look at the ones that are established, stable, powerful, Mac & PC and well documented on Youtube etc

Side by Side quick comparison

in depth each one

Our Recommendations

Improving DAW Skills

Useful Resources

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