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Publish your music to every major music platform across the world and earn royalties, build your profile, create history.

Promoting Your Published Music

Now that you are a published artist its important to make sure your music can be found, your audience grown and to avoid costly marketing traps.

Here we guide you the process of music promotion, of course you can hire a PR firm and a marketing agency if you have the budget, but our advice presumes you are handling this yourself.

The Music Promotion Process

Things To Beware Of

Playlist Placement & Follower/Listener Generation Scams

Social Media Platform Audience Generation


The Bottom Line

There are plenty of things you can do with a little effort so avoid the shortcuts that risk damaging your presence. You may get a quick ego boost and see some flattering numbers but it won't lead to anything of value in the future. Keep it real, work on the music, promote well and you will get there.

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