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Additional Services

There's more to us than meets the eye....

Studio Build Consultancy - Composition Service - Music Production Services
Music Business Strategy - Product Marketing Consultancy  
Business Plan Development - International Distribution


Studio Build Consultancy

Of course, we have extensive collective experience of building studios of all shapes and sizes. From small home set-ups to huge commercial studios, but whatever it is we will know what to do. We really don't mind what size the project it is so don't be shy!

Our process starts with a conversation so that we can understand what it is you are trying to achieve, your abilities, resources and long-term goals.

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Once we understand what it is you need to achieve we will provide you with a budget for us to draw up a tailored plan and once you accept (50% fee upfront and the rest on completion) then we will get to work.

We will provide complete drawings, schematics, cabling diagram, software advice, budget and recommended retailers. You can handle the purchasing yourself and the installation, but if you prefer we will take care of that too. 

Of course we are happy to consult via our website anywhere in the world and for larger installations we are also happy to oversee the studio build onsite, anywhere in the world. For smaller builds we may be able to advise via TeamViewer etc, including logging in to your system to handle the software set up.

Bottom line is that we know what to do with studios, of all sizes and if you are prepared to invest in the process we are prepared to commit our time to you. So let us know what you need:

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Composition & Music Production Service

We are a collective of professionals and no task is too big or small, although we can be a bit selective.

We are happy to write, or collaborate on writing projects for artists of various styles and genres in order to help artists achieve their maximum potential.

On this basis our work can include:

- setting lyrics to music
- reconfiguring a piece of music, re-working the strucutre
- expanding harmonic or melodic elements of a piece
- acting as producer on an existing track before final mix

For gaming and film:

- complete scoring via manuscript or producing midi files
- full composition, performance and production using either virtual instruments and/or individual musicians and orchestras
- acting producer for existing music production for a game or film

We are open to considering other opportunities so feel free to drop us a line with your thoughts and we will let you know what we can do.

In addition, we are happy to perform and record audio and midi files for your usage for most instruments and to your brief, or with a basic guideline 
and our broader input.

Music Business Strategy

Amongst our group are seriously experienced business executives that have spent years behind the scenes helping interactive companies, musicians, game producers, movie houses and TV companies all achieve their goals.

Within this area our capability includes:
 - Business Strategy Review
 - Brand Creation
 - Product Positioning
 - Investor Presentations
 - Executive Summaries & Business Plans
 - Financial Forecast Production

Our Executive Summary, Business Plan and Financial Forecasting is second to none and has helped many businesses get to market and attract the capital they need. We are happy to help individuals, bands and corporations alike. We work on a part upfront and part success fee basis.

We work anywhere through online resources but can physically be present anywhere in Europe, USA and Asia. Feel free to send us an overview of your challenge and we will let you know if we think we can help.

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Product Marketing Consultancy 

We work with Musicians and Producers around the world and we know what appeals to them. As a result we can help music software and hardware producers really understand the market by reviewing and consulting on their product positioning and marketing plans and strategies.

Sometimes we are just a fresh pair of eyes but overall, we can save product manufacturers a lot of time and resource by making sure they enter the market in a relevant, price effective and useful way so that the best results are achieved for them and that the musician or producer received maximum value.

If you are launching a new product, revising an existing one, entering a new international territory or looking to expand within an existing one, we can help you be on message and make sure your materials and positioning are spot on. Drop us a line:


As a multi-national organisation with experience operating on every continent in the world we are perfectly positioned to help companies expand their markets through internationalisation. For example, a company producing as microphone in Germany in German, looking to break into broader European, UK and US markets would be well served by us. If we believe in the product we can help achieve such a positioning and distribution.

In our view, internationalisation is one of the simplest yet most under-utilised ways of growing a business. In general, companies often discover they can double, triple and even quadruple their revenues by having a clear internationalisation strategy. But overall, the musician/producer is the winner and we are looking out for them and want to ensure they can access the world's best products no matter where they are based.

let us know where you want to go:

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