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About Studio Interfaces


Getting this right is key but you have to be careful under-purchasing here. You could buy a simple midi interface, then add an audio interface and then a monitoring interface and all sorts of converters and over time your €250 - €500 purchases add up to a few thousand. 

Maybe you are better off buying an all in one like one of our favourites ProTools Carbon which can connect/record a bunch of audio/midi devices and also has a visible EQ and headphone out as well as providing external processing power for your plug ins and keeping the load off your PC. Check out our Interface section to see what the options are out there but overall, getting the right interface in apple at the start can save a ton of money in the long run.

What Type Of Interface Do I Need






Top Recommended Midi/Audio/Combined & Multi-Function Interfaces

Best of the Best Midi/Audio/Multi-Functional Interfaces

Audio Interfaces

Midi/Audio Combined Interfaces

Midi Only Basic Interfaces

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