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Sound ID Reference by Sonarworks


This has to be our favourite product in this category because it does exactly what it says it does, is a high quality package and is priced reasonably.

Other similar products can come in at multiples of the cost of this product which costs around €500 for the whole package. So what's in the package? The calibration microphone (or reference microphone as they call it) which you will need to calibrate your room by sending signals into the software which then does the work. The software, which goes way beyond simply calibrating the room.

The software is a really slick interface and although it is feature rich is very well presented so everything seems really obvious. You won't need anything more than a quick look at the manual and you can get stuck straight in.

With a frequency range of 20 - 20,000 Hz this system can really capture anything a human (and some dogs) can hear. We have used to set up a room and found that the result is shocking. The product really nailed the room for us and then suggested bang on adjustments for calibration.

Since the software can be used as a plugin in your DAW it is really easy to keep an eye on how your room is performing and what Sonarworks think your adjustments should be. This saves a huge amount of time in the mix stage as it lets you know straight away what you are producing so you can get things sorted before you spend hours and hours perfecting a sound.

A real plus of this product is that despite performing an essential function at the beginning of your production journey, during your work but also, after you've finished, well, when you think you've finished. You can test your Pre-Master or Master in all sorts of scenarios from in-ear headphones, car stereos, nightclubs and beyond. Its just another failsafe to make sure what you are putting out is going to be good enough everywhere it is listened to in the future, so you sound your best.

Product Bundle Features:

  • For speaker and headphone calibration

  • Reference sound for speaker setups from stereo to 9.1.6 Atmos systems

  • Frequency response correction for studio monitors and headphones for the most linear reproduction possible

  • Enables better assessment of recordings and mixes

  • Room analysis and automatic room size calculation using numerous measuring points

  • Audio Calibration Engine for the most accurate adjustment possible

  • Any number of profiles for speakers can be stored

  • Provides calibration curves for over 480 different headphone models

  • Target curves can be individually adjusted in real time

  • 3 Selectable filter modes: Zero Latency, Mixed and Linear Phase to optimise filter quality and latency for different listening situations

  • Additional settings for mono, dry/wet and safe headroom

  • Only available in the app: MIDI mapping for various parameters and user presets for predefined output configurations

  • Export of calibration profile to supported hardware

  • Measurement microphone with pre-polarised electret condenser capsule

  • Frequency range: 20 - 20000 Hz with measurement protocol

  • Polar pattern: omnidirectional

  • Sensitivity: 14mV / Pa

  • Inherent noise: 24 dB

  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 70 dB

  • Dynamic range: 106dB

  • Limiting sound pressure level: 132 dB SPL

  • Requires 48V phantom power

  • Connector: XLR 3-pin

  • Multi-angle calibration curves

System Requirements

  • Shipping Format: Box without Data Storage

  • License validity: perpetual

  • Copy Protection: Online Activation

  • Simultaneous Activations: 3

  • Windows: from 10

  • Mac OS (64 Bit): from 10.14

Supported Formats

  • Stand-Alone-Software

  • AAX native 64-Bit

  • AU 64-Bit

  • VST2 64-Bit


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